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Cashew Cashews are a good source of minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorous. It has also been noted that cashews provide more of the essential trace elements like iron, copper and zinc than all other nuts. These minerals in their organic form protect our physical health and nervous system.

Product Origin: Vietnam

Main specifications:

- The aromatic seeds of wild, no smell of oil or other flavor.

- Production of Vietnam Standards 4850:1998 AFI Vietnam and the U.S.

- The percentage of surviving less than 10% silk shell.

- Each level of cashew not less than 5%

- White, ivory, light gray ash.

Type 1/W180: multiplier 265-395/kg or 120-180 / LB

Type 1/ W210: multiplier 440-465/kg or 200-210/LB

Type 1/ W240: multiplier 485-530/kg or 220-240/LB

Type 1/ W280: multiplier 575-620/kg or 260-280/LB

Type 1/ W320: multiplier 660-705/kg or 300-320/LB

Type 1/ W400: multiplier 770-880/kg or 350-400/LB

Type 1/ W180: multiplier 880-990/kg or 400-450/LB

Type 1/ W500: multiplier / 990-110/kg or 450-500/LB



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