About us

About us

Vimag Commodities LLC Company Limited, trade name VIMAG, was established with the trend of globalization and strong economic integration of Vietnam into the world.


In the context of global trading on agro commodities between Vietnam and the rest of world as well as trend of agricultural industrialization, VIMAG was founded with mission to strengthen connection from domestic agricultural market to worldwide market.

Passing time of foundation and development, VIMAG have been known as a professional and trusted trading company of agro commodities and feed ingredients. VIMAG have built a concrete relationship and partnership with number of agro trading groups and manufacturers both locally and worldwide. We recognized and regarded all our partnerships as a gold key to bring us closer to our customers in term of stable quality and competitive cost.

We take our  priority in firstly selecting commodities by geographic area sketching from America area like USA, Argentina... to Europe like Russia, Ukraine... and  Asia like India, China, Southeast Asia... to ensure top quality for every grain and ingredient and secondly by competent suppliers who are factories, collecting houses and exporters to ensure timely shipment and stable quality control.


What VIMAG trades and specializes on are of :

            -         Oil Seeds ( Sesame seeds, Soybean, Peanut…)

-         Grains and Cereals (Wheat, Barley, Malt…)

-         Species and Favors (Chilly, Pepper, Coffee…) 

-         Feed Grains and Ingredients ( Soybean Meal, DDGS, Feed Corn, Feed Wheat…)

With full knowledge and high enthusiasm of our teamwork, VIMAG committed its target of development by bringing added value to any customers who deal with us.


VIMAG VISION: To become a powerful organization by its high reputation and long experience, achieving solid trust on world market of agro commodities.



- To be highly creative to set up added value through every sections, giving each of its members a dynamic work environment and prosperous life, contributing to national prosperity.

- To constantly develop and build up trademark “VIMAG” recognized in both local and abroad market.

- To continuously invest new equipment and apply new technology to its distribution network from warehouses, storage, procession to multi modal transport.



- To be Devoted to  Customer.

- To be Dedicated to Colleague.

- To be Prestige to Partners.

- To be Responsibility to Community.


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